Thermoplastic Elastomers: Properties and Service Temperature

Do you know what thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) products are like? They are flexible material with low modules. These products can also be stretched frequently to double their actual length at normal temperature. Thermoplastic elastomers are so flexible that they return to their actual length when the pressure is released from the material. The traditional material with the aforementioned property include the thermoset rubbers. However, several varieties of  injection-moldable thermoplastic elastomer products are now replacing conventional rubbers. TPEs can also be used to alter the properties of firm and inflexible thermoplastics to enhance impact strength.

Different Stretch Properties of TPE

Before discussing about the properties of TPE, it’s important to know about the tensile properties. Tensile properties refer to the measurements used to ascertain how an elastomer product functions when pulled or stretched. Here are some of the commonly used testing methods to indicate how well a TPE would function in end-use environments:

Tear Strength: When you use elastomers, you should know how much resistance the product has against tearing. For measuring this, the test bar is notched on one side. This offers a propagation point.  You can stretch the material and note the amount of pressure with which the test bar breaks. The units are usually in kiloNewtons per meter (kN/m) or in per square inch (psi).

Tensile at Break: You can test TPEs by pulling and stretching an elastomer until it snaps. When you test the tensile at break value, the amount of pressure or force employed to break it should be measured. The units are in megaPascals (Mpa) or psi. Elastomeric products with better tensile properties is harder to break by pulling than those with lesser values on the test.

Elongation at Break: This value is not about how easy or difficult it is to stretch the material. It’s about how far the material can be stretched before it snaps. This is described as the percentage of the actual length of the material. A few of the soft elastomers can be stretched to more than 1000 percent of their actual length before they snap or break. This implies that a soft elastomeric TPE will have a much higher value than an inflexible or hard material.

Tensile Modulus: In this particular test, the elastomer is pulled and resistivity to the stretching is calculated over a range of different elongation points. This is frequently described as tensile at different percentages of the actual length of an elastomer product. Initially, an elastomer may be resistive to stretching, but will gradually become delicate as the material is elongated. This is also known as ‘necking’.

Service Temperature

Do TPEs have a service temperature? When it comes to the term ‘service temperature’, it generally refers to the highest temperature at which a material becomes suitable for use. It depends on a host of factors such as the period of exposure, performance requirements, part design and existence of a load. Some of the commonly used techniques of measuring service temperature include Heat Deflection Temperature (HDT), Vicat Softening Temperature, Half Tensile Strength, Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) or any other proprietary methods based on the industry.

What are the applications that require higher service temperatures? Well, they are hydraulic hoses, mining cables and automotive or transportation. The applications that don’t require high service temperature are the commonly used indoor applications like kitchenware, grips on personal care items, toys and telephone cords.

Choose thermoplastic elastomer products based on your requirements and the quality, properties, service temperature of the particular material. If you are not sure, consult a supplier dealing with elastomers. Explain your requirements as thoroughly as you can so that you can get an optimum solution.

Why You Should opt for Wireless Technology?

The aim of wireless technology is quiet simple really. The main objective behind such innovations is to get rid of limitations and restrictions inherent to messy wires and cables. Wireless technology can also penetrate deep into geographical areas where cables cannot reach.

There are several different types of wireless networks in operation nowadays. They mainly differ in the range; some wireless technologies can offer coverage over large area similar to PC while others offer smaller area coverage. Biggest innovation in wireless technology in the last decade has been mobile phones which can cover entire continents. The idea is to choose a type of wireless network that suits your needs.

Let’s look at the major benefits of wireless technology.

1- This new technology offers greater efficiency and faster transfer of information between people. Wireless technology provides a faster method of communication than traditional wired networks.
2- Wireless technology has also ensured that you are always connected no matter where you are located physically. You do not need to carry heavy adapter or messy wires to remain connected.
3- A wireless network also offers increased mobility and flexibility to users.
4- Wireless technology is also easier to install and less complicated. They are extremely user friendly and cheaper than wired variety.

Are you convinced yet? Let us look at the different wireless technologies available to us.

  • Local wireless (or PAN – Personal Area Network) allows you to make free space and avoid messy cables.
    2- Wireless network (WLAN) solutions offer shared internet, intranet and extra net access.
    3- Mobile phone network (or WAN – Wide Area Network) technologies allow for wide area coverage and you can remain connected from anyplace on earth.

Camcorders – Innovatively produce Images

The camcorder “sees” this world using lenses. The camcorder lens serves in focusing light. It shines light to a tiny semiconductor image sensor. You should note that this sensor is a charge-coupled device or CCD. It measures light using a 1/2-inch panel of about 300,000-500,000 small light sensitive diodes known as photosites.

Every photosite measures the light (photons) hitting a certain point. It translates this detail into electrons or electrical charges. The brighter image represents greater electrical charge while the darker image represents less electrical charge. A CCD makes a video picture through recording the intensity of light. During the playback, this detail directs the television electron beam intensity as it goes over a screen.

You should note that measuring the intensity of light only provides black-and-white images. For creation of color images, the camcorder detects not just the total levels of light, but also each light color levels. You can get the full color spectrum by combining these three colors – green, blue and red. A camcorder just needs measuring these three color levels for reproducing a fully colored picture.

Some high-end camcorders make use of a beam splitter for separating a signal to three separate versions of that same image.  The first shows the red level, the second shows the green level and the third shows the blue light level. These images are captured using their own chip. Each measures intensity of just one light color. Then the camera overlays the three images and intensities of the primary colors are blend to give a fully colored image.

Searching For Files, Folders, And Documents

It is very easy to search for files and folders in Windows XP—you get a host of options that you can specify, thus speeding up your search. Press [Windows] + [F] to open the search window. Alternatively, you can open it by clicking Start > Search. Look to the left hand side: you will notice that the Companion offers to filter your search by choosing one of several options:

  • Pictures, music or videos
  • All files and folders
  • Documents (formatted text, spreadsheets, etc.)
  • Computers or people

An option to search the Internet is also provided; this uses the MSN search site. The last option you have on the main screen is that of changing your preferences. Some changes in the preferences can be helpful. Proceed to the preferences screen by clicking ‘Change Preferences’. The first two options relate to the animated character, which you can change or disable. The most important option in the preferences is the Indexing Service. Turning this option On will enable file indexing when the system is idle. File indexing is a method by which an OS keeps a record—sort of a database—of all the files on your hard disk. When a search is initiated, it first scans this database file and verifies if the file still exists on the hard disk, thus saving time and system resources. System resources are used only when the search entry is not found in the database file, upon which it searches through the hard disk. This, naturally, consumes system memory and time, depending on the size of the partition being scanned.

Other options include changing the ‘Files and Folders search behavior’ and ‘Internet search behavior’. Both options deal with the method by which you can choose to search for files. For instance, you can opt for ‘Advanced Search’ in ‘Files and Folders behavior’ or change ‘Internet search behavior’ to use instead of Apart from these options, you can choose to enable or disable balloon tips and auto complete. To begin searching, choose any of the options (from Pictures, Documents, etc.) on the main page. Let’s take ‘All files and folders’: all you need to do is type in the file name (see search tips below) and/or enter a keyword that the file may contain.

Searching Tips:

  • If you do not remember the file name but you know what the file extension is, you can use special characters. Say you’re looking for an executable (.exe) file, and you remember that the filename begins with, say, “K”, then you can enter the search word as “K*.exe”. This will search for files that have the .exe extension and also begin with the letter G. You can also use the asterisk (*) for the file extension part. A few examples are *ae*.jpg, agaz.*, andre*.j*
  • The additional assistance feature: ‘Date of modification’, ‘Size’, and ‘Advanced Options’ can be used to force the search engine to look for files created or modified within a particular period, or search for files by specifying a size range. Use Advanced options to look for system files or hidden files.

Teaching Technology to Young Kids

Teaching technology is important for a number of reasons. For one, it can make people’s lives easier and more convenient. When you teach children about it, they will be able to make use of it to their advantage. It will make things quicker and easier for them. For example, if you teach a kid how to use the computer, he or she can utilize this tool to make researching for homework more efficient.

Another good reason to teach technology is to increase awareness among children regarding the bad side of technology, which they should stay away from. For instance, technological tools like video games and Internet can pose dangers to children in different ways. Getting addicted to video games can cause students to be distracted from their studies. Exposure to harmful websites can instill wrong values on them. Some may even be victimized by online predators if not guided properly.

All these are crucial reasons to teach technology to children. The main goal is to inform young kids how to make use of technology to their advantage and how to stay away from pitfalls and dangers that may come with using technological devices. To achieve that goal, here are some tips on how to teach technology to young children.

Teach children typing skills

One of the first things that you need to teach young kids is how to type. Typing skills will be of practical use for them until they graduate and start working. You can teach them by giving them the basic sentence, “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” that they can type in the computer without them peeking into the keyboard.

This will enhance their typing skills and eventually make them adept in using the keyboard. You can also let them play with typing skills games to improve their skills even further. Moreover, educate them about the use of Microsoft Office such as Word, Excel, Power Point, and so on, which they will be using so many times all throughout their schooling and up until they work.

Teach kids how to use the Internet search engine

Another thing you can teach kids is the use of the Internet search engine like Google. This will come in handy when they need to research about a homework or project. Teach them the proper use of keywords when looking up for information online. Also, inform them about harmful websites that they should stay away from so they don’t make the mistake of prying into these sites.

Educate them on the use of social media

Facebook and Twitter are two of the most popular social networking sites in the Internet today. It would be great to teach children the use of these sites not to encourage them to spend all their time on this but to teach them the responsible use of these sites come the time that they would want to use them.

Let them play with educational online games

Interactive online games are enjoyable tools that will hone children’s skills. Just see to it that you limit online game time to one hour a day so children won’t stay glued to the computer all day long and still have time to play outside.

Technology is one of the most fun things to teach young children. Because this subject is constantly evolving, even teachers are able to learn something new every time they teach it, and this makes this subject highly interesting and engaging. To be an expert in this field, get back into studying by enrolling in one of the technology colleges in your area.

Lavalier microphones

Lavalier microphones are available easily. The use of the Lavalier Microphones in our society has become very common and are using in every type of places. The Lavalier Microphones are also used for protection of the people who are at the high positions.

Kinds of the Lavalier Microphones:

There are two most important kinds of the Lavalier microphones which are as under:

1. They are having the wires.
2. They are wireless.

Uses of the Lavalier Microphones:

There are different uses of the Lavalier Microphones some of them are as under:

1. Lavalier Microphones are Complete wireless microphone system with wireless receiver, lavalier and wireless strap with transmitter
2. Lavalier Microphones provide the ultra silence process with low distortion.
3. You can attach Lavalier Microphones with clip easily.
4. Lavalier Microphones gives the clear broadcasting signals by the adjustable frequency.

Need of a Lavalier Microphone Clips:

There should be something to hold the Lavalier Microphone with the cloths and other types of the clothing.The need of the clip is very essential for this purpose and the clip which is used to hold the Lavalier Microphone that are called ‘The Lavalier Microphone Clips’.

Lavalier Microphone Clips:

Lavalier Microphone clip is a sort of tie pin or we can say such type of a clip which can be easily attached with a shirt, or collar, tie etc. A Lavalier Microphone clip attaches the Microphone to the shirt a person is wearing as it makes it compatible and hand are free if we compare the usual microphone with it.

Different Applications of the Lavalier Microphone Clips:

Lavalier Microphone Clips have the various applications which play their role and that is very important, they are:

A Lavalier Microphone clip not only attaches the Microphone but the wire as well and then it can go through the clothes to the device which has a radio frequency connection with the mainframe recording device.

Lavalier Microphone has some different kinds and types to go with size style and trend of cloths fashion or necessity mean the microphone or requirement of the device. But when there are different the price of the Lavalier Microphone clips also fluctuates because some are cheap and some are expensive in cost.

Various types of the Lavalier Microphone Clips:

There are many types of Lavalier Microphone clips some of them are as follows:

1. Shure tie clip Lavalier microphone holder.
2. Audio technica clothing clip made of plastic.
3. Sennnheiner Lavalier microphone clip which can hold 2 microphones for better voice quality which is made of platinum and is quiet expensive.
4. Sony Lavalier microphone clipper which can hold the microphone horizontally.

The Companies of the Lavalier Microphone Clips:

Many companies design the Lavalier Microphones and Lavalier microphone clips, they are:

1. Sony
2. Shure
3. Senneheisier
4. Sanken
5. Samson Technologies
6. Polycom
8. DPA Microphones
9. Beyerdynamic
10. Audio-Technica
11. AKG Acoustics

Lavalier Microphone Clips are easily available in any market and customers also get them from the companies which design the Lavalier Microphones.

Using Technology to Enhance Classroom Learning Experience

It is true that technology has changed people’s lives dramatically, often in ways to make things better, easier, and faster. In the classroom, technology also plays an important role in the learning experience of the students. When used correctly, it can greatly enhance and maximize the educational experience. For this reason, it is essential for teachers to become familiar and knowledgeable with the different forms of technology so they can use these to their advantage in increasing student proficiency. If you are a teacher who only has a vague idea on how this process can work, here is a variety of teacher tips to help you use technology in enhancing classroom learning.

Explore the Internet through WebQuests and interactive websites

The Internet is actually a goldmine for educators, as it is filled with various educational resources that can aid in teaching. WebQuests for instance, are “inquiry-oriented activity” that students can use to gather and collect information for several online sources and compile them to explain a certain concept. This type of activity provides great motivation and learning opportunities for students. There are more other types of interactive websites that the teacher can use to develop research skills, encourage teamwork, and motivate participation in class.

Let children play with educational online games during break time

Use educational online games to reward students’ good work. This will not only reinforce proper attitude towards studies but also be a fun break for children while at the same time, their minds are still being honed including their problem solving skills, communication skills, and logic, among many others. One good example of an educational online game is Text Twist, in which a student will have a fun time deciphering different words hidden within the jumbled letters. Be sure to let them play the timed puzzle, which is both exciting and challenging for students.

Take them to virtual museum tours

Another great way to use technology to enhance learning is to let children experience different places and events through the use of virtual museums and real-time interactive videos of events in other places. Virtual museums will allow children to see masterpieces in distant countries that they usually only see in books and photographs. Taking them to museum tours are exciting because it is as if they are inside the actual museum.

Utilize video as a visual aid

Usually, teachers only make use of posters, slides, and pictures as visual aids. But now, you can take learning into a higher level by using video. Online, you will find countless of educational video resources that you can use to teach different subjects like history, math, science, art, and language, among many others.

Technology can be a viable tool for enhancing educational experience for students. Instead of being a cause for distraction, teachers should view technology in an advantageous way, something that they can utilize to make learning more fun, enjoyable, and engaging for children. It can open up new doors of learning opportunities and make students learn things that they could not possibly learn without the help of technology.

Parenting and Technology: How to Parent Techie Children

Kids love technology. There is no doubt about that. They are especially inclined towards the use of cell phones, video games, and the Internet. In fact, some kids have their worlds spinning around technology, which has become a growing concern for many parents. If you are a parent with the same concern, here is a practical guide and some tech tips on how to parent children who are tech-savvy.

Keep communication lines open. The most important part of parenting, whether it is in the digital age or many years back, is keeping the communication lines open. You always have to talk and listen your kids. You just do not do all the talking and talking, you must also make it a point to listen to what they have to say to let them know and make them feel that you value their insights and opinions.When they feel that kind of respect from you, it is much easier for them to reciprocate that respect. And when they respect you, it would be easier for you to enlighten them about the possible dangers and correct limitations when it comes to the use of technology. They are more likely to follow your rules and believe what you say when they have respect for you.

Establish rules on use of technology. Also, an initial step that you need to undertake is to establish rules with regards to using technology like video games, Internet, cell phone and many others. For example, with video games, set a weekly time schedule for playing. You can limit video game playing to one hour a day or five hours a week. Or you can tell your children that they can only play during the weekends or when they do not have homework during weekdays.

Establish similar rules to the use of cell phone and Internet. When you establish these rules, be sure to stick to them. Do not be lenient and let your children play when you feel like it. You have to be consistent so that it would be easier for them to follow the rules that you have set.

Familiarize yourself with technology. If you are a complete web dummy, it would be very difficult for you to parent techie children. So even if you do not like it, you must familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of computer, cell phone, Internet, and any other thing with regards to the future technology. You must even learn how to operate those video game boxes that your children play with. This is so that you do not get left behind and you can guide your kids properly when they use these things.

Exercise parental controls. There are various parental control features that you may use to enforce Internet policies on children. This way, you do not have to constantly worry about your kids getting into malicious sites or downloading harmful information.

Place the computer in a visible location. Put your children’s computers in a location where you can easily monitor what it is they are looking at or doing. It would also help if you can make technology use a fun family activity. For example, you can ask your children to teach you how to download stuff from the Internet or how to have a Facebook account. Children like playing teacher roles and they appreciate it when their parents get into the know of the things that they are interested in.

Relationship Between Computers And Communication

Computers  are the most efficient electronic devices, which have changed the way of doing communication. Communication and interaction between people, living in different parts of the world, are no more any issues.

It is your computer, which allows you to do video chatting with your family, relatives or friends, who are living far away from you. And internet technology is the one, which acts like a support system for your communication. People of this era are extremely influenced and dominated by computers.

They have started to rely on these electronic devices. They have played vital role in breaking all the walls and boundaries between people, who are living across the globe. Everyone is aware of the fact that the world has become a global village, but do you know that what has turned this planet into a modernized planet?

Computers have played their main role in doing so. If you talk about the benefits of communicating over internet, then you will not only come to know that the computers only helped you to communicate and interact with your family, relatives and friends, within no time and at extremely affordable price, but you will also come to know that networking has also got a chance of become more strong and effective.

Social and business networkings are two of the forms of communications, which have been positively influenced by computers. People have started to build new relationships and businesses have got ample opportunities of representing their products and services, across the globe, which helps them in increasing their clientele and to expand their business.